We carry an unparalleled selection of natural and lab grown diamonds. Not sure whats best for you? We’d be happy to help guide you to your perfect diamond

Premium Diamond Selection

There are many factors of a diamond that affects the quality and ultimately the price. Our goal at Guzzetta Jewelers is to help guide you with the proper diamond education so you know exactly what you are purchasing. We strive to offer the best sparkle for the value no matter the budget. We fully listen to what you are looking for, whether it’s the best of the best, best bang for the buck, or a small budget option. With fully understanding your needs, our team at Guzzetta Jewelers will work with you to find the perfect option, your perfect diamond! We carry all shapes and sizes, sourced only from a multitude of quality suppliers.

Specializing in Natural & Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds have grown in popularity for a reason. A larger, clearer, more sparkly diamond for the money! The only difference is it is created in a lab, not in the earth with the exact same chemical composition. Visit out lab grown diamond page to learn more!

All Shapes and Sizes Carried